The Basics : ASSAULTING the Enemy

As part of our Ongoing adaptation of the Classic WC3 Strategy Guide, we’re incredibly happy to release 2 major aspects of that guide : “Invasion” which we’ve adapted into two seperate guides, ‘Assaulting the Enemy’ and ‘Defending Against Attacks.’ Check them out! ¬†Assaulting The Enemy¬†¬†Defending Against Attacks As always, we absolutely want your feedback so … Read more

Pete Stilwell Interviews

Here are just a few of the many interviews that occured during and just after Blizzcon 2018. We’ve compiled these interviews in particular because they contain new information, expanded upon information, or feature members of the community with great influence. Neo of Back2Warcraft (Above) and Grubby, the powerhouse competitive player and community advocate (below) Both … Read more